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We are Eppiton Software with 5 Years of Experience!


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We design business management softwares which integrate all facets of operation such as planning, development, sales, and marketing all in a single data base, application, and user interface

Sales, Purchases, inventory, CRM, Accounting, Manufaturing and Fixed Asset.

Improves customer loyalty, interaction, and sales through helping businesses send messages to a large customer base.

Making personal information management easy and effective through integrating Payroll and Biometric Attendance into an HRIS

Customer experience improvements, increase on sales, improved security, efficient and accurate transactions, easily accepts mobile wallet payments, and many more

Change-based management systems, ideal church database software for churches

We craft web design beautiful and meaningful looking websites

Connects machines, people and processes. Helps in organizing production

A learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments

Integrated Solutions

Our Software Connects With Devices To make Your Life Easier

We have integrated our software solutions to the gadgets found in the workplace to make user experience so much better.

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The best software development company in Kenya

Hellum Imbosa

Eppiton has stable software and amazing customer support. Their Integrity makes me trust them to develop and maintain all my softwares. Good Work!!

Kenneth Maingi

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